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Magnificent Caesarea is one of the oldest cities in Israel, built by King Herodus during the Historic period 10-22 BC.

The spirit of Caesarea will inspire you; in all her beauty, rebuilt with ancient stone-work from the time of King Herodus, and adorned in all her exquisiteness as befitting a king's palace. The city's name was in ancient times called "Caesarea Maritima", meaning Caesaraa on the seashore.

Far away from town and yet so nearby in a peacefully quiet area, right on the seashore between Haifa and Tel Aviv. This is an ideal place to relax, carefree, whilst enjoying yourself in the never ending tranquility.
Located in the center of Israel which is one of its great advantages. Far away from the noisy traffic but close enough to easily reach all major highways.

The archeological remains are still today a large part of the city, and a testimony to the prosperity that Caesarea achieved. Throughout the years Caesarea has been a source of attraction, where In the 3rd century a solid Jewish community was established, until today.
This is a flourishing area with local inhabitants and tourists from abroad who come to relax and enjoy all the beauty this coastal seaside area has to offer. "Kings" welcome tourists from Israel and abroad, offering fine accommodation for single or family groups; fully furnished homes, equipped with swimming pool, and Jacuzzi. accommodation of homes with sauna, which comfortably accommodate 5 people in discreet privacy.

We provide Royal suites, and holiday apartments, for group and single vacations. Suitable for intimate couple holidays, or family celebrations. Bachelor parties, bridal showers, honeymoon, photo shoots, or anniversaries... anything is possible.
Professional massage therapists are also available in private suites. has beautiful Villas for your special family events with or without music, bar, or catering.

Aloha specialize in locations for conventions and events; conferences for corporations and public bodies, special events for executives, or fun days for companies who want to treat their employees to that well earned vacation.

Short term leases are available, as is weekly rental, monthly, or day use for any purpose. We also have great locations for filming commercials with romantic attractions in gorgeous properties by the sea in Caesarea.

Our main rental is facing the Eucalyptus Forest, looking onto the Aquaduct on Caesarea sea shore, can accommodate 2-10 people. Our large jacuzzi (has extra strength jets for an experience you have yet to come by) all while facing the wonders of the Eucalptus forest. We also have ample area for barbecue. look forward to welcoming you to magnificent Caesarea, providing you with a great holiday experience.